Houston #2, TX

Westway has two terminals in Houston, Texas located at the Port of Houston. The terminals are located approximately five hours sailing time from the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is the busiest port in the United States in terms of overall tonnage. Westway has made extensive investments in these two terminals in the past 5 years.

7600 J.W. Peavy
Houston, TX 77011
Terminal Manager: Brian Gaffigan
713-923-2736 office
713-923-1308 fax
Brian.Gaffigan @westway.com



Terminal Capacity:

Number of Tanks:

Range Tanks:

Modes Served:

Dock Data:

Rail Service:

Truck Facilities:

Special Equipment:

Commodities Handled:

38,371,871 Gallons

62 Tanks

28,000- 4,200,000 Gallons

Barge, Rail, Truck, Ship

Two Tanker, Two Barge, Dock Draft 35', LOA 750' x 150' beam, 135' air draft

Private Siding Served by Port Terminal Railroad

Various Load/ Unloading Stations, 2 Truck scales

Steam, Direct Move - Tankcar to Vessel Lay berth Available

Animal & Vegetable Fats, Chemicals, Fertilizer