Chicago, IL

Westway's Riverdale terminal is located on the Little Calumet River which connects Lake Michigan to the shipping channel between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River (Gulf of Mexico). The facility has the benefit of all modes: Barge, Rail (CSX) and truck, and is located in the Greater Chicago Commercial Zone with excellent highway access to Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The facility has experienced major growth with addition of 45,000 bbls of new storage in 2009 with more growth planned for the future.

13550 South Indiana Ave
Riverdale, IL 60827
Terminal Manager: Kevin Hansen
(708) 849-9220 x12 office
(708) 849-6910 fax


Terminal Capacity:

Number of Tanks:

Range Tanks:

Modes Served:

Dock Data:

Rail Service:

Truck Facilities:

Special Equipment:

Commodities Handled:

5,730,962 Gallons

15 Tanks

30,000 - 650,343 Gallons

Barge, Rail, Truck

9' Draft Marker 322 Little Calumet River


Various Load/Unload Stations 2 Truck Scales

Steam, Air, Transloading, Warehousing

Molasses, Chemicals, Tallow and, Veg Oils, Asphalt